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Please contact us

Just give us a call or send us an email / fax with your order. *)

We set everything up for you

Once we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation.
We will then try to set everything up for you as quickly as possible.


Wir benachrichtigen Sie sobald alles hergerichtet und bereit zur Abholung ist.

Alternativ bieten wir Ihnen auch einen kostenpflichtigen Zustelldienst an.

*) Note :  To order prescription drugs, you have to take a photo of the prescription and send it to us by email or call us to let us know what you need. For very expensive products, ordering by phone is not enough, we would need the original recipe or a photo of it. (In this case we will let you know in a conversation.)

If you have any questions about your order by email, we will contact you.

Important! Please take the original recipe with you when you pick it up!

The availability in the pharmacy depends on various parameters, such as our opening times or the availability of the desired product. Usually, the products are available very quickly, unless there are delivery bottlenecks from the manufacturer or the ordered product is only available abroad.  

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