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"Lifehacks" for the heatwave

Shower lukewarm Avoid showering with cold water. The shock increases your blood pressure. In addition, the body tries to maintain bodyheat by contracting the vessels. Heavy sweating after showering is the result. Therefore, just take a lukewarm shower! If you do not dry off completely after showering, it will have an additional cooling effect! Drink lukewarm drinks Avoid ice-cold drinks, especially alcohol. You should drink at least 2.5L/day on hot days. If you sweat a lot, even 3L. You can create a reminder on your mobile phone to remember drinking regularly. There are also special apps for this. Cold envelopes Wet wipes on the forehead or wrist provide short-term cooling. Cooling pads are also possible! The right clothes Wide, airy clothing made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, are ideal. Avoid clothes made of synthetic fabrics. You should also prefer light or white clothes. Hot water bottle becomes a cooling bottle A simple but useful tip! Simply fill a hot water bottle (the rubber one) with cold water. This is very pleasant, especially at night. The right food Avoid heavy food! Light, hydrous food is ideal. Salads are rich in minerals and perfect on hot days. Fruits such as watermelons or pineapples are particularly suitable as snacks or as a desert. Ventilation at the right time of day Darken the apartment during the day, preferably with an outdoor blind or with shutters. Do not open your windows until the evening or at night when the temperatures are more bearable. Open windows only briefly and shock-like during the day, if you can't avoid it.




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