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Prevent blisters from forming while hiking

Hiking woman in front of mountains

Wear your shoes properly. Please don't walk with your brand new shoes.

Wear a pair of tight-fitting, thin socks below your hiking socks. This minimizes the friction on your skin. Ideally, you wear old, worn socks and by no means fresh ones!

Tape those spots carefully and overlapping, where you usually get blisters. Make sure that no wrinkles form.

You can stick blister patches to vulnerable areas before the hike, to prevent the forming of blisters.

Apply cream to your feet BEFORE and AFTER the hike with deer sebam ointment or a similar greasy ointment.

Do not open blisters or tear the skin away! Infections can form.

If you have got blisters, we have everything to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process!


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