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The ticks are here

The warm days are coming and so are the ticks.

Keep in mind to get an TBE-booster vaccination!

In addition to the viral TBE tick-borne-encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), ticks can also transmit Lyme disease. There is no vaccination against the bacterial Lyme disease. However, it can be treated with antibiotics.

Lyme disease is the most frequent tick-borne infectious disease in Austria.

After a tick bite, pay attention to a spreading, circular redness around the injection site. In this case, please consult a doctor!

A few tips for excursions into the countryside:

  • Wear light clothes and closed shoes on hikes!

  • Avoid the undergrowth!

  • Examine your entire body afterwards!

  • Examine your pets as well!

  • Pull ticks out straight with tick tweezers, without turning!

  • Do not use oils, adhesives, etc.!

TBE vaccine, tick tweezers and the appropriate protection in advance for your pets can be obtained from us, including advice!

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