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Detox - a myth?

Detox and "detoxification" is familiar to almost everyone. But do detox cures do anything good?

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First, it must be clarified exactly what detox (or detoxification) is about, or what the term means.

Detox as a term actually exists in medicine: it describes the process of removing toxins from the body, e.g. drugs or poisons. Or if detoxifying organs (e.g. kidneys) fail or are ill and machines have to take over their work, e.g. Dialysis (blood washing).

With a typical detox-cure, you refrain from acidic foods such as meat, wheat-flour, sugar, milk and dairy products and instead focus on the consumption of basic foods such as fruit or vegetables. Sufficient drinking should also "rinse out" the toxins from the body, preferably with water or special detox teas.

Smoothies“ are often combined with detox. Although they do not have a detoxifying effect, they rather replace a meal and can serve as a candy substitute. Caution: fruits also contain sugar.

Usually toxins absorbed in the body are converted, broken down or excreted by the liver, kidneys or intestines. This is the natural function of these organs and works even without a detox cure.

The effect of "detoxing" has not been scientifically proven. The rapid weight loss associated with detox-cures is achieved by energy restriction (lower calorie intake) and the decrease of water in the body. 

Nevertheless, a detox cure can have a positive effect on the body.

The temporary renunciation of alcohol, sweets and the like can contribute to an improvement in the attitude to life. A balanced diet and sports are the best detox-cure.

Caution applies to detox pills or powders: Plant powders such as matcha are often included, but sometimes also substances such as activated carbon (for acute poisoning or diarrhea) or laxatives (laxatives).

However, these components are ineffective with regard to detoxification.

Detox teas are herbal and green tea mixtures and are usually recommended to accompany detox cures and are intended to accelerate detoxification. They contain traditional medicinal herbs such as nettle and dandelion, but also exotic ingredients such as mate, ginger or ginseng.

Although these teas cannot really detox, they still have a positive effect on health. Green tea is said to have a cancer-preventive effect and reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Nettle tea has a slightly draining effect, is diuretic and stimulates the metabolism.

Detox and detoxifying teas of the highest quality are available in our pharmacy!

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