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Information on COVID-Tests

Every citizen is entitled to 5 free rapid antigen tests 5 free PCR tests per month! Rapid antigen tests can be picked up in all pharmacies. (Only with e-card or Replacement certificate) PCR-test special regulation for Vienna: Those free PCR tests can be carried out either by swab or as a gargle-test at supervision in the pharmacy. Gargle tests carried out at home can be carried out in all testing pharmacies to be handed over. All other PCR tests are subject to a fee. If you need a PCR-test more often for professional or private reasons (Entry tests for hospitals, nursing homes, nursing professions, employees of hospitals, accompanying persons of patients, etc.) you can announce this. (Indication of an exceptional reason on or when testing on site in test roads, pharmacies or gargle boxes) Registration for tests in pharmacies continues to take place via the website or in local pharmacies. If you have symptoms of a COVID disease, the PCR-test is free!

Please note: We're not taking any PCR-tests!




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