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  • Do you do free PCR and antigen tests?


No, unfortunately we do not test. We don't have the space for that. You can find a list of the testing pharmacies at or download it as a PDF here .

  • Why are there no more free "living room tests"?


Since November 2021, the "living room tests" have no longer been available free of charge in Austrian pharmacies. The offer was discontinued by the federal government.

  • Why are the products in online pharmacies cheaper than yours?


Online pharmacies generally have a larger budget because they are international corporations. You can order much larger quantities and receive special discounts from the pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers, which is then reflected in the pricing.

Small businesses, such as your local pharmacy, cannot keep up.

In addition, we are prohibited by law from giving discounts on prescription drugs.


Online pharmacies also do not have the professional specialist staff who work in your local pharmacy and advise you.


With every purchase in online pharmacies, you damage the local economy and endanger the jobs of pharmaceutically excellently trained specialists and academics.


  • Do you have an online shop?


No, we do not have an online shop. However, you can pre-order medicines by telephone, e-mail or fax and pick them up from us. We also ship with a courier service, which, however, requires an additional fee. You can find more information here.


  • Do you have a loyalty card?


Yes, we have a customer card with exclusive benefits for regular customers. You can find more details here .


  • Can I purchase vouchers from you?


yes we have vouchers Please ask our staff for them.


  • Can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?


Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. To do this, use the link at the end of each newsletter.


  • Can I order a prescription product?


Yes, as long as you send us a photo, copy or scan of the prescription in advance and bring the original prescription with you when you pick it up.

  • Can I also pre-order magistral recipes by phone or email?


Yes, you are welcome to send us your desired recipe by email, fax or telephone and we will prepare it for you. We will let you know when the medicine can be picked up from us.

  • Can you also deliver medicines to your home?


Yes, we can also send your order directly to you. We use a courier service (Veloce), which charges an additional delivery fee. (approx. € 10,-)


  • How do I find out when the product I ordered has arrived at the pharmacy?


We will be happy to notify you by email, telephone or SMS.


  • Are all medicines and products in stock?


We strive to always have the most common medicines in stock. Of course, we cannot have very expensive medicines in stock. If we do not have the required product in stock, we will of course order it; we usually get it delivered the same day. We will inform you as soon as we have received your order.


  • Why do I need a prescription for some medications?


The prescription requirement serves to protect the patient. Prescription drugs can endanger the patient in the event of an overdose, which is why the therapy must be monitored by a doctor.


  • How do I take my medication correctly?


We will be happy to advise you on taking your medication, also by telephone. In order to avoid undesirable interactions with existing medication, please answer our questions honestly.


  • Can I still take expired medication?


No, you must not take expired medication. Their effectiveness is only guaranteed up to the expiry date. Also, please do not increase the dosage to achieve the desired effect, as this could have serious health consequences.


  • Do drugs (purchase) only cost as much as the prescription fee?


No, medicines have very different prices. Some only cost a few euros, others can cost €10,000 or much more. For this reason, we cannot have all the medicines in stock that you may have been prescribed, since we have to pay for these medicines in advance.

Warum sind die Produkte in Online-Apotheken günstiger als bei Ihnen?
Machen Sie gratis PCR und Antigen-Tests?
Weshalb gibt es keine gratis „Wohnzimmertests“ mehr?
Haben Sie einen Online-Shop?
Haben Sie eine Kundenkarte?
Kann ich bei Ihnen Gutscheine erwerben?
Kann man sich vom Newsletter wieder abmelden?
Kann ich ein rezeptpflichtiges Produkt bestellen?
Kann ich auch magistrale Rezepturen telefonisch oder per Mail vorbestellen?
Können Sie Medikamente auch nach Hause liefern?
Wie erfahre ich, wann mein bestelltes Produkt in der Apotheke eingetroffen ist?
Sind alle Medikamente und Produkte lagernd?
Warum brauche ich für manche Medikamente ein Rezept?
Wie nehme ich mein Medikament richtig ein?
Darf ich bereits abgelaufene Medikamente trotzdem einnehmen?
Kosten Medikamente (im Einkauf) nur so viel wie die Rezeptgebühr?
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