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Get your benefits!

With our new customer card you only get advantages !

You have no obligations, in particular no purchase obligation.  

It offers:

- discounts *

- more  safety

Eventually it is easier for us to recognize interactions between your drugs.  If necessary, we will then point this out to you.


With your loyalty card, we can easily identify what has helped you before, if you do not remember the name of the product or medicine.

- Listing of your purchases and prescription fees 

e.g. for submission to the tax office

- Easier ordering processes

Should  you want to order by e-mail, telephone or fax, we have already saved your contact details and notify you even faster as soon as we receive your order.

- Free blood pressure measurement **

- Free blood sugar measurement **

- Free body fat measurement

- Free weighing

  See privacy policy!

* Our employees will be happy to explain our bonus program to you or you can find out more about it in our  Conditions  read.

** At the time of CoVID-19, we do not carry out any blood pressure / blood sugar measurements due to the close customer contact. We ask for your understanding.

Do not worry, we will treat your data as strictly confidential! 

Your data will only be saved to the extent necessary for the smooth running of the pharmacy and our bonus program.

You have the option of having your data stored by us deleted at any time.  

For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions and data protection declaration.

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