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How it works...

As soon as we have received your order and all products are in stock, we will pack them immediately.* 

We then hand your order over to the courier service. (Veloce)

The courier service costs
€10,-! ** 

This way, you will receive your medication the same day! Comfortable without having to leave the house.

* When placing your order, please let us know that we should ship it.

** The price for delivery is set by the courier service and can vary from year to year.  

Even if you have a prescription from your doctor, we can pick it up and deliver the medication.

This service is used by every  pharmacy on duty in Vienna, also at night (night duty). A list of the pharmacies that are on duty (night duty) can be found in the "Apo-App" on the website of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists  , in the night duty calendar or in ORF Teletext on page 648.

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